What Others Say About the HR Hackathon

We have received loads of positive and encouraging feedback from:

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This was definitely one of the best events I have been to in a long time (and I visited quite a few). Look forward to coming to the next.

Oscar Mager, CEO of RecruitingEssentials

The first HR Hackathon has opened a new chapter in the history of HR.

Barbara Braehmer, CEO intercessio GmbH

I liked the atmosphere very much. Thank you for organizing it. It felt more like family than business.



As a recruitment agency focused on digital innovation, it is essential for us to be up-to-date on the latest HR Tech trends.

The HR Hackathon gave us a lot of inspiration and the possibility to support young startups.

Martin Jäger, CSO Trenkwalder International AG, Gold Sponsor 2015 edition

We were thrilled to see that developers very easily used our API to create new HR Tech.

The HR Hackathon is an event where people do not just talk but actually develop useful technology.

Jakub Zavrel, CEO Textkernel, API & Silver Sponsor 2015 edition

The first HR Hackathon was great! We talked to many talented people and experienced a unique working atmosphere. We will definitely be part of the next one.

Maike Petersen, Marketing Manager softgarden, Bronze Sponsor 2015 edition

The HR Hackathon gives us the opportunity to present us as innovation drivers in the agile HR software development industry. Of course we will again be an e-recruitment partner in the next edition.

Marco Kainhuber, CEO GermanPersonnel, Bronze Sponsor 2015 edition

We wanted to support the start of what we believe can be a disruptive event format in the HR Tech space.

Our expectations were fully met and we are keen to continue to contribute to the future of this event as a sponsor. The HR Hackathon is here to stay!

Walter Hueber, CEO cammio, API Sponsor 2015 edition

HR Press and Bloggers

Conclusion: The HR Hackathon was brilliant. The takeaways were tremendous. It was very refreshing to get in touch with people who did not think and react in a typical HR manner [i.e. thanks to the developers]. It was pure Out-of-the-Box thinking and the implementation went hand-in-hand during the event. I will participate in the next HR Hackathon at any rate!

Robindro Ullah

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Our Conclusion: The Event Format is excellent. The idea, to bring HR professionals and developers together to elaborate solutions in a team makes complete sense. It is a win for everyone.

Thomas Lindt, Veda GmbH

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The first HR Hackathon lived up to its promise: Get HR and IT together in one room to find out what is doable from a technical point of view and build it.

Andrea Sattler, Personalmagazin

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