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What is the HR Hackathon?

The HR Hackathon is the 2-days event where HR Professionals, Developers, Tech Entrepreneurs and HR Tech Vendors work together to improve and build meaningful HR Tech.

The role of HR is changing. In the HR Hackathon, HR practitioners will experience what it is like to work in a fast-paced, agile work environment. Developers have all the expertise in working agile, and they will teach HR and learn a lot from HR and HR Tech Companies.

At the same time, HR Tech is going global: HR Tech Vendors and Startups need to understand current HR pain points in order to develop the best solution.

Finally, the HR Hackathon is the place where people make things happen while they interact and work with each other at eye-level.

Most of all, our HR Hackathon is a unique, professional event, where people share their knowledge and passion for HR and Tech and shape the future of HR Tech in close collaboration.

HR Hackathon is organized by Eva Zils

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Founder, Organizer & Host

Eva Zils

I’m a trilingual business strategy consultant helping HR (Tech) companies localise their product offers for the German market.

Apart from that, I organise and host the HR Hackathon where I facilitate online collaboration between tech talent, entrepreneurs and HR people to build meaningful HR Tech products.

Finally, I am doing a lot of video content in which I talk about all things video, business ethics, productivity and really cool products and apps I use – maybe about yours soon.

I have started my career in online communications, marketing and business development in an international job posting agency in Lyon, France, in 2004.

In my blog Online-Recruiting.net, I am blogging about the international HR Tech industry since 2007.

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