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13th – 15th November 2020



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We build solutions for distributed teams.

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The HR Hackathon is the Event, where Programmers and HR Managers work together in Teams to develop and improve HR Tech.

Be Part of this Unique Event, if you look to actively drive Innovation in HR & Tech. You will learn and do a lot in a highly energetic, agile and professional working atmosphere.

About The Event, Organizer and Team

Why Participate

Here are 6 Reasons why you should be Part of this Event.

You will be driving Innovation in HR

You will be actively involved in creating Next Generation HR Software

You will foster exchange and collaboration between HR, Developers and Tech Entrepreneurs

You will experience agile Software Development happen in a fast-paced and energetic working environment

You will learn and do a lot whilst sharing your knowledge and expertise to develop meaningfull software

You will have fun, be very productive and you will be highly inspired for your future work

Who Should Take Part

Make sure to attend if you are a member of one of these groups:

HR Practitioners

who want to get Things moving in HR and share Knowledge with like-minded People.


who look for a unique Hackathon Experience where they meet the User Group of their Tech.

Tech Entrepreneurs

who need to know if and how their Technology is useful for HR.

Business Angels and Investors

who are looking for a deeper understanding of both HR and HR Tech to make the right decisions.

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Pitch Your Project Idea


After the opening session, you have 1 minute each to pitch your prototype project idea.

Be prepared to give participants all relevant details to build your dream team and win the HR Hackathon.

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Work With Inspired People


Everyone at the HR Hackathon is excited about HR and Tech.

The team spirit is exceptional. Meet and talk to people who think like you.

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Increase Your Know-How


We have organised an unconference for participants who want to share their knowledge.

Make sure to download the full session programme and pick your favorite topics.

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Have Fun and Great Food


All particpants are driven, passionate and like to share a good laugh.

We make sure that you remain in perfect shape thanks to our great catering guys and sponsors!

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Set Your Ideas Free


Sunday afternoon is pitching and Jury time!

Be ready to pitch your prototype and be part of the future of HR Tech.

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Feel That Startup Spirit


Germany’s founding power sits in Berlin.

At the HR Hackathon, you will experience this in a location destined for digital exchange.

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Location: Online


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